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How much bank balance is required for self-sponsored US visas ?


How much money should I have to get a USA Visa? 

What should be my bank balance? 

What investments do I need to show? 

All this will be answered in this post, so that you know exactly how much funding you need to show for a US VISA. 

1 – Minimum bank balance need in your account:

To find the minimum balance required to be shown in your bank account, start with estimating the total cost of your trip. This cost should cover the flight tickets, hotel expenses, and daily expenses ( shopping, eating, and sightseeing ). Once you have estimated this amount, then multiply this with the number of people travelling with you. The final number you get is the minimum balance you should have in your bank account. So let’s assume that your trip expenses are 1.5 lakh per head, and you are a family of 4, then your bank account should have at least 6 to 7 lakh bank balances. It is always better to keep some buffer because the more liquidity you show the better your financial profile becomes.  

In addition, having a consistent history of inflow in your account is also important. For this money should be credited steadily over time, such as your salary. Any large lump-sum transfers and sudden inflow of cash right before your visa interview might make the embassy officer suspicious, so try to avoid this. 

2 – Financial investments:

Apart from your bank balance, financial investments such as fixed deposits, mutual funds, share certificates, and other long-term investments add credibility to your profile. Carry an estimate  and proof of how much money you have in these financial instruments. For this, you can make a simple table with the name of the financial instrument on one column and the amount on another, and you can carry this document with you for a visa interview.

3 – Other investments:

Apart from financial investments, if you have any other investments like land, house, or commercial property, then you can show this as well in your profile. This will help strengthen your financial profile and also show that you have strong ties to your home country, hence a good reason to return to India. 

4 – Documents you need to carry:

When it comes to financial profile, you will need to mandatorily carry your salary slips, bank statement, and ITR return. It is better to get your bank statements attested by your bank. In addition also carry the proof of all your financial and non financial investments. 

More useful resources:

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