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Visa - USA & other countries

Getting the USA visa can be pretty complicated. Yes, you can do it yourself – but one tiny error – and you can be rejected. The rejection rate of USA visa can be as high as 40%.

What happens if you get rejected?
1. Dream shattred – you will not be able to go!
2. Black spot – the rejection will be noted in your records by US (and other) governments
3. Monetary Loss – you lose the application fee of $160+

To maximize your chances of getting the visa – my experienced team can handle it all for you.
Filling DS-160, appointment bookings, consultation and unlimited mock interviews.

The cost would depend on the type of visa and your history.
To give you an estimate – our service fee for
1. B1/B2 visa without rejection history – $150 or ₹8999
2. B1/B2 visa with rejection history – $200 or ₹14999
3. Other visa – case to csae basis

To book this – Email shachiprakash [at] gmail [dot] com or DM me on instagram

Travel coaching & planning

Looking to fulfill travel aspirations but don’t know where to start?
Be it logistics, financial planning or just moral support and guide.
I use my 5 years of travel experience to help you fulfil your travel dreams!

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