Fall 2024 Student?

Crack F1 visa interview to study in your dream university

7-day In-depth Course

A 7-session detailed preparation to ensure there can be no surprise curveball that the visa officer can throw at you.

Session Breakdown:

1 – Session 1Profile analysis [₹12500]
Thorough assessment of your profile by Shachi including your education, work background, funding plan, previous rejections, etc. [45 mins] 
2 – Session 2DS160 polish & update [₹2000]
This is not a single session but an ongoing process to fine tune and make your DS-160 picture perfect as per your I-20 selection. If required, we will fill a completely new DS160 form [ Ongoing ]
3 – Session 3Answer structuring [₹12500]
By now, we know your profile completely. This session will prepare you for all basic interview questions including funding, course, rejection reasons, etc. [45 mins ]
In addition, using with the information from this session, you can also write your answers for Shachi to check and evaluate on email. [₹7500] 
4 – Session 4Detailed Mock Interview [₹12500]
Detailed mock interview of all possible questions followed by feedback to ensure all answers are as per the previous session [30 mins ]
5 – Session 5Variation Mocks [₹9500]
Now we start to simulate real interview situations and variation questions. We practice 1-2 real mocks. [30 mins]
6 – Session 6Suprise & Trick Question Mocks [₹9500]
By now you are almost prepared. It’s time to face trick questions to ensure that you are not caught off guard in the real interview.[ 30 mins]
7 – Session 7The Final Mock [₹9500]
Final review of all the questions discussed followed by interview day tips and hacks. [30 mins] 
There is more… 
* Dedicated WA group with you, Shachi and our team. 
* All sessions are done via zoom & recordings will be shared with you
* Email support to resolve your queries till day of your interview 
* Discounted access –
1. F1 Visa prep course worth ₹2000 for free
2. Workshop and group sessions worth ₹950 for free
3. PDF guide where we write your answers for you worth ₹7500 for ₹2500 only
4. Access to exclusive rates for forex transfer, credit cards, etc from our partners
Recommended for all F1 students. Especially if – 
* You have any previous rejection, or
* Your funding is <2x than USA expenses, or 
* You have >6 month gap in career, or
* Your spoken English is not natural like first language, 
* You are the type of student who likes to prepare thoroughly for your exam and ensure that you do not get a red mark.

Regular fee – ₹12500+ 2000+ 12500+ 7500+ 12500+ 9500*3+ 2000+ 950= ₹78450
Student discounted fee – INR ₹34,500 / USD $410 only

Crash Course

Three sessions crammed up with all the information – 

1 – DS160 polish [₹1500]- A detailed review of your DS160 form. VO will read your form and a good form is half the work done. [And, yes, you need it too. >70% forms have errors.] 

2 – Answer structuring [₹12500]- 45 min session with Shachi to frame your interview answers as per your profile & clear your doubts. This will include all questions including funding, university, course, etc.
3 – Mock interview session [₹9500]- Simulate real interview interview experience with Shachi, followed by analysis and feedback. 
How it will be done?
* Dedicated WA group with you, Shachi and our team. 
* All sessions are done in zoom & recordings will be shared with you
* Email support to resolve your queries till day of your interview.
Best if you –
* No previous rejection, and
* Program fully funded or sufficient funding, and
* Admission in top 100 ranked university, and
* Fairly confident of your preparation and interview skills, and
* Interview date is less than 1-week away.
Regular fee – ₹ 1500+ 12500+ 9500 = ₹23500

Student discounted fee – INR ₹14,500 / USD $175 only

PS – If you any particular session from above [₹12500] or the PDF Q&A guide [₹7500] as mentioned above OR if you want some clarification – click on the WhatsApp button below OR email us to hi@shachimall.com ask ask for direct payment link.