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Frequently asked questions(FAQ) and Interview Tips for USA B1/B2 VISA


This blog post covers the most frequently asked questions related to the USA B1/B2 visa. We have also tried to include some important and useful tips which will help you out in the interview process. 

  1. How soon can I reapply if my VISA gets rejected?

Officially, you can reapply after three working days. If your visa is rejected today, then you can apply for the next interview slot after three working days. However, this is subject to the availability of the interview slot at your embassy. 

This means that if you are confident and well prepared for the interview, you can apply immediately.There is a misconception that you have to wait for a significant period of time like 6 months to a year before applying again. However this need not be the case. 

However if you feel that you need to notch up your preparation levels and need time to feel confident, it is completely ok to take a gap of a month or two, before booking your next slot. 

  1. Can I change the information in my DS 160 when I apply for a second time?

In the US visa process, the DS160 form is an important document because when you go to the interview, the visa officer will have your DS160 in front of him or her.  

The embassy will also have copies of  all your previous DS160s, so the information filled has to be consistent. 

This means that you cannot make any material changes in your current DS160, unless these changes have truly happened and you have the supporting documents. 

Some of the common areas where changes in DS160 can lead to additional questioning by the visa officer are: 

  • Monthly Salary 

Any significant change in monthly salary needs to be supported by relevant documents 

  • Family members  in the USA

In your old DS160, if you have given details of family members /relatives  in the US, then you need to maintain the same information in the consequent DS160 as well 

  1. What should be my bank balance when I apply for the visa ? 

Your financial status and liquidity is an important parameter for getting the USA Visa. However there is no specific amount or number which can be set here. This depends on a lot of factors like the purpose of your visit, the number of people traveling with you, the duration of your trip and others. Hence the bank balance required will vary with each person’s profile

There is a common misconception that you need INR 10 lakh  in your bank account to get the visa, however this is not true. 

We have an entire video on the topic of bank balance required for a USA visa on the YouTube channel. This video explains how to determine the amount of bank balance required as per your profile and also the necessary documents. 

You can watch the video here:https://youtu.be/0ckaoB27gWo

  1. How can I justify my purpose of the visit?

Purpose of travel is perhaps the most important question asked in the visa interview. It is important to prepare well for this question and also to practice it till you feel confident. 

B1 visa : B1 visa allows travel for work/business purposes like working on projects, attending conferences, business meetings etc.  You should focus on communicating the importance of your role in the USA office especially the need for physical presence. Keep the language simple and easy to understand, avoid using too many technical jargons or terms. 

To understand more about preparing the purpose of visit for B1 visa, watch this video on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHoF7PhCaq0&t=26s

B2 visa: B2 visa allows travel for tourism, leisure events and visiting friends./family members. Here the focus should be on highlighting your ties to your home country which will show that you only intend to stay in the USA for a short period of time. This will convince the visa officer that you are not at a risk of immigration. 

  1. I am not comfortable in English, what should I do? Does hiring a translator impact the visa decision?

The US visa process gives you the option to hire a translator, so if you are not comfortable with english and you want to communicate in any other language, then you can hire a  translator. The translator will  be  present with you during the interview. However this needs to be reserved well in advance, so  do plan accordingly

There is no direct relation between inability to speak english and USA visa acceptance or rejection rate. However be prepared to answer the question , “ How will you manage in the USA if you cannot speak English ? “ 

  1. What should I do if I don’t have any travel history?

Having a travel history is certainly beneficial, especially if you are applying for a tourist visa. But this does not mean that people with no travel history never get their visas approved.   

If you don’t have a travel history, focus on strengthening the rest of your profile particularly  your ties to home country. As this can be the deciding factor between a visa approval or rejection. 

For more preparation help  on USA visas you can check out the other videos on the YouTube channel or get in touch with me via the links mentioned below.\

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