Fall 2024 Student?

Personalized USA F1 Visa Q&A PDF

Do you want to be 100% prepared for the visa interview AND prefer a written document instead of a video call? This service is for you.  
Price – INR 7500 OR USD 90
What is it?
A highly customised and detailed question-and-answer guidebook for your upcoming USA visa interview.  We will evaluate your profile, see your DS160 form and provide you with all the questions that will be relevant to your profile along with the exact answers that you need to say to the visa officer. 
What we will need from you?
> DS160 form
> I20 
> Details of funding 
> 15-20 minutes of discussion over call to collect specific details
How will this help?
> You will have a PDF document that will guide you to prepare
> You can prepare at your own time and convenience