Fall 2024 Student?

Mock Interview

Appearing for your USA Visa interview, but feeling unprepared for it? 
Do you have the right answers and the correct body language?

Well, a practice interview can change all this. Put your best foot forward. Increase your confidence and success chances by taking a video mock interview with me. 

How it works:

  1. Once you book the session, my team will reach out to you to take details of your profile
  2. We may ask you to submit some documents to help understand your case better
  3. We will send you a question bank to prepare
  4. This will be followed by a detailed 45 min mock session with me

Actual mock interview session:

  1. Mock interview
  2. Detailed feedback & analysis of your performance 
  3. Answer structuring as per your profile 
  4. Entire session recording will be shared with you

I try my best to make it as close as possible to the actual interview so that you are fully ready to get your passport stamped with the USA visa!

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