Fall 2024 Student?

7-day prep course | F1 visa


My team will reach out to you within 1 working day and setup the program for you.



Join my ” 7 Day Program” – DS160 form filling, answer structuring sessions , mock interviews & more… 🙌 🙌 

Here is what you will get:

✅ Session 1: Review of your profile, proof checking funding plan, document checklist

✅ Session 2: Filling your DS160 form

✅ Session 3: Answer structuring – Detailed session to prepare the answers as per your profile

✅ Session 4: Mock session 1 – Session to give you practice, improve confidence and body language

✅ Session 5: Mock session 2 – Session to fine tune your answers and make sure it’s perfect

✅ Session 6: Short Mock – This is going to be very close to your actual visa interview

✅ Session 7: Final review and check

P.S. All the session recordings will be shared with you. You can schedule the sessions as per your convenience.


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