Fall 2024 Student?

Rejection Analysis & Plan to Success

Faced a rejection in Fall 2022 and planning to go for Spring 2023 intake? 
Over the last few years, I have worked with multiple people helping them in getting approvals after multiple rejections. 
Wonder how this happens? Well, it is all about planning in advance and preparing your profile! 
What is it?
A 25 min session to go into details of your past interview experience and your DS160 form to understand the possible reasons for rejection and chart out a preparation plan with clear steps you can follow. 
What we will need from you?
> Past visa interview experience
> DS160 form
> I20 
> Details of funding 
How will this help?
> Get a clear picture of why your visa was rejected
> Get inputs on which areas you need to work on
> Get a preparation plan for next visa interview